Moving your business into a new commercial property can be really exciting. Maybe, you’re just starting your business, and this space is your customer’s first impression of your company. Maybe you’re expanding to a new location and the new location gives you room to try some new things out with your space. A new space is a chance to start over, and try some new methods of attracting customers. Your goal is not only to attract customers, but to get them interested in your products and ultimately spend their money in your establishment.

Set the Mood

The first thing you need to do when planning out a new space is to think about the overall atmosphere you want to achieve. This will likely depend on what your business is. For example, a stationary and card store would not have the same atmosphere as a store that sells survival gear. Once you identify the mood you want to set for your customers, you’ll need to consider how to get there. Do you want to use soft, diffused lighting or bright fluorescent bulbs? Should there be music playing? If so, what kind? Consider what kind of color scheme you want for the walls. Are you going to hang any art? Even the floors contribute to the overall feel of your space. For example, a linoleum floor is going to have a very different feel than hardwood floors.

Organization and Displays

Think about how your customers are going to be moving throughout your space. You’ll need to leave enough room for people to easily maneuver around your displays. Consider what products you want to “push” the most, and place those towards the front. Do some research on different floor plans and layouts, and decide which ones would best fit with your space and your business. Would a straight floor plan be more visually appealing than an angular floor plan, or vice versa? It is important to pick the best floor plan for your business.


Speaking of how to lay out your store, you’ll need to consider whether it is accessible to disabled customers. You don’t want to cut anybody off from your business based on whether or not they can physically get through the space! Make sure you leave enough space in your floor plan for people in wheelchairs to maneuver around, and that you have a ramp if the entrance to your space is not level with the ground. Install an ADA-compliant push button to open your door. Have a chair or two somewhere in your space in case someone needs to sit down, and if your space has a restroom, be sure to put hand bars in at least one stall. This is a non-exhaustive list of ways to make your space accessible! If possible, get the input of disabled people on what accommodations you should have in your space.

Drawing Customers In

Of course, you first need to catch customers’ interest and draw them into your space in the first place, so your storefront needs to be visually appealing. Again, what makes it visually appealing will depend on your business. Consider what font to use on your sign. Using our survival gear store versus stationary store example, you’d likely use something in capital letters for the survival gear store. Maybe you’d fill the letters in with a camouflage pattern, because you want to convey toughness. Whereas with a stationary store, you’d want to use a much more dainty font, maybe something in cursive, to convey a softer vibe. Think about how to decorate your storefront. For a softer vibe, you could use window boxes full of flowers. If you’re trying to give off a tough vibe, maybe put up a stuffed deer head next to the door. It’s the little things! Even your front door matters. A sleek set of automatic glass doors would be good for a technology-oriented business, whereas a pastel-colored door with a slightly tarnished knob and a large door knocker would work well for a boutique.

Ready to Get Started?

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