With an abundance of businesses growing exponentially, some proprietors are looking for bigger options, especially if they are dealing with both local and international trade. Their goods have to be safely stored, and not just in any place, but a spacious warehouse that guarantees excellent security. One does not just look for any warehouse property for rent, but one that meets the needs of their business. Leasing a warehouse space is a necessity as it saves on capital and eliminates some of the overall management responsibilities. Additionally, a warehouse property for lease allows for flexible growth. Having access to a secure warehouse for your business is of the utmost importance. If you are looking for a new space to expand your business, you should consider the many accommodations that 1018 S Highway 117 has to offer. They include the following:

Features of the Property:

300,000 Square Feet of Free Space

If you want an abundance of space within an available warehouse property, you will have access to 300,000 sq. ft. at 1018 S Highway 117. This warehouse space allows you to subdivide it according to your liking to enhance mobility, storage, and maximum use of space. The vast available space gives you a chance to figure out how much space your business needs, and if it is a good option for your business.

50+ Dock High Doors

The warehouse boasts more than 50 dock high doors all around it. This provides the best loading dock options, meaning that even if you rent the space with other commercial users, you will have exclusive entry and exit points for your commodities. Simply put, the warehouse is designed to allow for efficient movements of commodities. All of the dock high doors are designed to conform with the standard tractor-trailer height for loading and unloading.

Varied Ceiling Heights

This warehouse guarantees you various ceiling heights. It has 20’ clear to 28’clear. This means that the warehouse has a maximum functional height that can also be used for storage or manufacturing. As such, there is enough height for racking your goods in the best way that you want, thereby maximizing the given space.

Enhanced Security

To enhance the security of the tenants who want to lease this warehouse property, there is a fence all around the property. This ensures that all goods have one-entry and one-exit points.

Ample Parking

Besides being a spacious warehouse property available for rent, the 1018 S Highway 117 warehouse property guarantees excellent and ample parking due to their two available parking lots. The first parking lot is located beside the warehouse, and the other one sits across the street. This ensures that your trailers can stay at the parking lots and be secure.

This Is Why You Should Bring Your Business to 1018 S Highway 117 Warehouse:

Perfect Location

Located in Warsaw, North Carolina, this warehouse property is in the ideal place given that the city economy employs more than 1,216 people with the largest industries being real trade, manufacturing and other services. The median age in Warsaw alone is 30 years, meaning there is easy access to labour and an average income of $26,415. This means there is an easy access to a skilled labor force that have experience within different types of industries. This shows how easy your business can expand if you consider the available warehouse property at 1018 S Highway 117.

Easy Access to Wilmington and the Ports

This warehouse property for rent allows easy access to Wilmington’s port and the surrounding ports. The strategic location of Wilmington and other ports allows easy access to the major interstate highways and railroads. You do need to consider storing your goods on a faraway storage facility because the 1018 S Highway 117 warehouse property for lease is available for you today! This will help you to arrange for the inland transportation of your goods.


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