The Right Industrial Property To Rent For Your Business

When you are in the market for an industrial property, whether it be to rent or purchase, it is important to note the differences between the types of property in order to make the best decision for your business. Make note of the specific equipment you will need, how much floor space, and requirements your production will need before selecting the right one.

Here are descriptions of the different types of industrial properties for lease or purchase:

Manufacturing Buildings

Otherwise known as heavy industrial buildings, these types of properties are intended to provide space and utilities in order to produce materials. Typically included with heavy ductwork, high capacity ventilation systems, drains, and electrical power, these properties make are ideal for heavy machinery and industrial manufacturing.

Hosting Centers

In order to power computer servers and telecom equipment, these industrial properties are fixed with major communication lines and an extremely abundant amount of power supply. Because of this specialized technology equipment, they will also be fixated with an HVAC unit in order to keep the building at a colder temperature. Finally, cyber or switching centers will include heavy floor materials in order to support the weight of the servers as well.

Warehouse Space

Distribution buildings often range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of square feet in a single floor construction. Typically used for distribution of inventory, they are fixated with high ceilings, loading docks, large parking lots, and truck doors to order to accommodate large semi-trailers.

Refrigeration Buildings

Used for food products and cold storage, these industrial buildings are equipped to hold a large capacity of freezer space. In order to continuously power this refrigeration equipment, the buildings are often fixated with a large amount of power supply.


This type of industrial property is used for displaying products and merchandise for the purpose of selling. Types of companies that typically house these properties are auto dealerships, furniture and appliance stores, and apparel retail shops. They are often an open floor store front with a large amount of square footage.

Flex Space

Lightly zoned and typically used for office and industrial property for lease, these buildings can house a variety of uses. Because it is lightly zoned, there is often more than one in a single building, such as office spaces, retail sales, research and development, and some small distribution. They are often equipped with lower ceilings and multiple units, which makes it an ideal location for office space.

Research and Development

Because of the variety of equipment needed for research and development, such as technology, distribution, and biotech, technology industries find themselves needing flex buildings, or one location with multiple uses. Currently, these types of spaces are converted to business parks with scenic landscaping, similar architectural design, and lots of parking to accommodate their large amount of employees.

Once you have determined the type of industrial property you will need and you are searching for your ideal warehouse space for rent, be sure to ask questions to ensure that the building you are considering is the right one for your business. Check out 8 Important Tips to Renting a Warehouse Space for more assistance on what you should ask the property manager.

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