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Benefits of Smart Thermostats in Rental Properties

smart thermostat in rental property

“Smart” thermostats have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Why wouldn’t they be? The convenience of being able to set your home’s temperature from your phone and the potential for big energy savings are both great reasons to invest in a smart thermostat. You may or may not have one or be considering…

Enhance Rental Security With New Landscaping

Mobile home landscape security

Security is a common and valid concern these days. People invest in all sorts of devices and systems to enhance the security of their property, including but not limited to video doorbells, security systems, and motion-activated lights. However, did you know that landscaping can actually enhance security? Trees, stones, hedges, and more are good for…

Warehouse Safety Issues You May Be Neglecting

warehouse safety

Safety is vital in any setting, but especially in a warehouse. Depending on what you use your warehouse for (production, distribution, etc), there may be safety hazards that you haven’t given a whole lot of thought to. Unfortunately, accidents happen- and people usually don’t realize a safety hazard is actually a problem until an accident…

How to Create Extra Warehouse Storage Space

Warehouse workers

At first, it might be hard to imagine a warehouse ever running out of room. With thousands of square feet that you can use to run the distribution or production end of your business, it may seem like you have endless space. However, you’d be surprised how quickly you can run out of available floor…