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What is Flexible Rent?

Family entering rental home with for rent sign out front

Flexible rent is becoming more and more popular among renters nowadays. This type of agreement allows tenants to pay flexible amounts according to their personal income, rather than a fixed amount every month. This option also offers the ability for tenants to pay upfront for an agreed number of months or even settle their rent…

Why Should I Invest In Commercial Property?

House keys over paperwork and bills

Regardless of the fluctuating market cycles, commercial property has always been reliable. Most investors only think of stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds when they think of investments. Seasoned investors know that a diversified portfolio is crucial for protection against losses. A balanced portfolio covers a wide variety of assets and includes real estate. The steady…

How To Manage a Rental Property

Clipboard with paper that reads "Property Management"

Property management can feel overwhelming, and for good reason. There are many factors that come into play when renting out properties and maintaining them. Whether you’re already renting out properties or taking your first steps into the world of property rental, there’s always more you can learn to ensure your success. Risky Business If you’re…