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Small Office Space? No Problem

If you’re a startup or an entrepreneur looking to launch a new business, but only have a small space to achieve this, there is no need to worry! Sure, having a small office space can feel restricting at times, but there are many ways to help maximize your overall space. There are a variety of…

The Future of Renting

It’s no secret that technology, such as smart thermometers, Alexa-enabled devices, and smart doorbells, make life a lot easier. More and more households are taking advantage of smart devices, using Alexa to turn off the lights, turning on the AC from their phones so that the house will be cool when they get home, etc….

Using Your Commercial Space to Attract Customers

Moving your business into a new commercial property can be really exciting. Maybe, you’re just starting your business, and this space is your customer’s first impression of your company. Maybe you’re expanding to a new location and the new location gives you room to try some new things out with your space. A new space…