There are plenty of different ways to set up an office. Depending on what kind of work you do, you could have an entirely open, collaborative office space or a more traditional office space with cubicles and offices. Which one is best for your office, and which one will be the most beneficial for your individual employees? Let us walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each type of office so that you can make an informed decision for your business.

Advantages of Open Concept Office Spaces

Open concept office spaces are a great option for many different businesses, especially ones which require a high degree of collaboration with coworkers. Humans are social creatures, and a quick chat with a coworker you enjoy being around can definitely boost your mood. It’s easy to have an open-door policy in your office when there are no doors! Open concept offices make it easy to communicate with your boss or managers as well. Along with social and collaborative benefits, open concept offices also give a more contemporary feel to your space. This can be a major benefit to businesses in older industries. When you work in an older industry, it’s easy to feel like your work is stagnant or boring, especially if you’re working in a stuffy office. Updating your office and moving towards a more open concept can refresh your workspace and get energy and ideas flowing.

Disadvantages of Open Concept Office Spaces

Of course, as with any type of office space, there are disadvantages as well. A significant disadvantage to open concept office spaces is the presence of distractions. If your favorite coworker sits right across the table from you and there’s no divider between the two of you, it’ll be much easier to get carried away with a conversation and end up distracted from your work. If other employees are talking, it can create what’s commonly referred to as a “dull roar”- background noise that can be obnoxious for employees who need a quiet environment. It can also make the transmission of illnesses easier if there are no dividers between people, especially if employees are coughing or sneezing.

Advantages of Cubicles in Office Spaces

There are several advantages to using cubicles in an office space as well. Employees and managers alike can have more privacy than they would in an open concept office. Cubicles give everyone their own space, meaning that it may be easier for people to keep their things organized. With an open concept, it’s easy for your stuff to creep over into your neighbor’s workspace, whereas if you use cubicles, it’s easier to keep your stuff in its own space. Cubicles also provide an environment more conducive to individual work. If you need your employees to be focused on their own work most of the time, rather than collaborating with each other, cubicles may be a good choice for your business.

Disadvantages of Cubicles in Office Spaces

We mentioned above that with open concept office spaces, you run the risk of distracted employees. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of that risk with cubicles in offices as well. With open concept offices, your coworkers can usually see what you’re working on, which may be an incentive to stay on task. However, in cubicles, though they do give employees more privacy, that could send people off-task quickly. If no one is watching, employees may end up getting distracted more quickly than they would in an open concept office. Cubicles can also create more of a hierarchy in your office. They can close the managers and bosses off from other employees and perhaps make it harder for employees to approach their superiors.

Which One is Better?

So which design will be best for your office and your business? The answer will depend on what kind of business you’re operating. If you need your employees to be able to collaborate, talk, and roll over to each others’ desks for a quick chat, then an open concept office would be ideal for you. If your company’s work is more solitary, your employees are dealing with confidential information, or you want a slightly more formal atmosphere, cubicles may be the right choice for your office. It all depends on your needs as a company and your employees’ individual needs.

Need to Find Office Space?

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