If you’re a startup or an entrepreneur looking to launch a new business, but only have a small space to achieve this, there is no need to worry! Sure, having a small office space can feel restricting at times, but there are many ways to help maximize your overall space. There are a variety of strategies that will help make sure you are using your space to its maximum capacity.

Natural Lighting

If you have access to natural light in your office space, by all means use it. The sun is your friend, not your enemy. Natural light is known to give the effect of a bigger and more spacious. Not only will your office space feel more open, but it is proven to help reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve job satisfaction throughout your employees. So, if your office space is lucky enough to have big front windows, use it to your benefit!

Take Advantage of Technology

In a small office, any amount of space that you can free up will help. For example, if you are using huge desktops that are taking up a lot of space, it may be worth it to invest in some new laptops. Not only will it free up space, but it allows for your employees to have more mobility throughout your office. Don’t have enough outlets throughout the office? Take advantage of new wireless charging systems, and discreet charging stations that can be placed within furniture or desks.

Another easy way to use technology to your advantage is by going paperless! You would be surprised by how much space your office can gain from putting this into practice. For instance, you can finally remove those super bulky filing cabinets that are taking up prime real estate in your office. You will not only gain more space, but the digital storage systems can keep you even more organized and easier to locate your documents.

Get Creative

Giving your small office space a makeover gives you free reign to design it you and your employee’s personal tastes. Have you always wanted to implement more modern furniture? Here is your chance to incorporate it into your design. Your new office decor should help your space to look more aesthetically pleasing to your clients and employees, instead of overpowering their visual palette.

Ask Your Employees

If something was not working in the space before, ask your employee’s opinion on what works best for them. They will love the chance to have an input in the new design, and it allows them to be apart of the process. Also, allowing your employees to design their personal work space, or giving them multiple options to choose from will make them happier to go into work everyday.

Leave Room for Growth

Your business is bound to grow. This is why it is important to organize your space with the future in mind. There is no need to cram furniture and desks in every corner of the office space right away. Keeping some spaces will help keep your mind clear and set on the future of your business’ growth. This will also help you from not having to reorganize or redecorate later on. While the occasional office redecorating is normal, it can become time-consuming and expensive.

Co-Working Spaces

If the small office space, is too much to handle at times, you always have the option of enrolling in a local co-working space. They are great alternatives to have all your workers working within proximity instead of remotely, which still helps instill the feeling of teamwork. Also, not only will this allow for you and your employees to spread your wings a little, you will also have the benefit of having a plethora of networking opportunities at your fingertips.

Need Help Finding an Office Space?

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