Lighting might seem like a small component of your office space, but it has a bigger impact on your office, your employees, and your productivity than you might think. If you’re looking for a way to revamp your space but don’t want to remodel or make other major changes, changing the lighting can go a long way! It can even positively impact your budget- changing the lighting can also help you save on energy costs!

The Three Types of Lighting

When it comes to lighting, you have three main options: fluorescent, LED, or incandescent. Each type of lighting operates a bit differently and can have a different effect on your office and your business. When choosing which one is best for your office, you’ll need to consider cost, brightness, and what kind of vibe you’d like your space to have.

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent office space lighting

Fluorescent lights, specifically compact fluorescent lights, or CFLs- are typically used in office settings, large stores, and hospitals. They can be very bright, which is why it’s important to choose the right wattage. You don’t want to overwhelm a small office with extremely bright lighting. Fluorescent bulbs last a fairly long time, so in terms of cost-efficiency, these are a great choice. However, many CFLs use mercury, so they can be tricky to dispose of.

LED Lighting

LED office space lighting

LED stands for light-emitting diode, and it’s widely regarded as the most energy-efficient lighting option on the market. These bulbs operate at a lower temperature than incandescent or fluorescent lights while emitting more lumens. Lumens are a measure of light output, so essentially, LED lights produce the most light using the least amount of energy. If you’re looking to lower your office space’s energy costs, LED lights are a great option.

Incandescent Lighting

Incandescent office space Lighting

Incandescent lighting is the most outdated of the three main lighting choices. It’s typically found in older light fixtures and tends to burn out faster than fluorescent lights or LED lights. Incandescent lights operate at a higher temperature than the other two. Since they require more energy, they may not be the most cost-effective choice for your office. However, they do fit well in decorative or accent lighting, so if you’d like to add a warm, friendly touch to your office space, incandescent bulbs are worth looking into.

Color and Temperature

The color and temperature of your office lighting play a very important role in its impact on productivity. You don’t want to make the lights too warm or too dim, as this can cause drowsiness and lack of focus, as well as eyestrain. On the flip side, you don’t want to make the lights too bright or harsh, causing headaches- harsh lighting has been identified as one of the leading causes of migraines among office workers. It’s best to have as much natural light in your office as possible and to supplement it with white lights in the middle of the color spectrum. Do some research into which lights mimic natural light, and go with some of those.

Types of Main Lights

Now that you know the difference between incandescent, LED, and fluorescent lighting, let’s talk about the different types of main lights you can use for your office space. First, as mentioned above, you can let natural light do most of the work if possible, but you definitely need sufficient lighting inside for cloudy days and during the winter when it gets dark outside at an earlier time. Strip lights are a good option, and one commonly used in office space settings. They are usually relatively inexpensive, ranging from roughly $70 to $130 per light. Of course, the number of strip lights you need will depend on the size of your office. Decorative lights can be a good option for overhead lighting as well. These typically emit a softer light, so you may need more of them, but they can give your space a cozier feel. Of course, in order to avoid eyestrain, if you do choose decorative overhead lighting, it’s a good idea to provide your employees with desk lamps so that they can choose the amount of light they need to focus on their tasks.

Accent Lights

accent lights for office spaces

Accent lights can add some character to your office space and give it a warmer, friendlier feel, depending on what type of accent light you choose. Floor lamps here and there, perhaps in a common area such as a break room, or a waiting room if you have one, can make a space feel more like home and put employees and clients at ease. This would be a good idea for a business such as an insurance company, where you want your clients to feel safe, protected, and taken care of.

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