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How to Choose the Right Size Warehouse

Interior of large warehouse industrial storage building with parked forklifts, shipping containers, and crates

Determining your warehouse’s size is crucial in your design build strategy. It will typically affect various aspects, such as the technology you will use, the amount of inventory you can store, and the cost of land. Therefore, it is advisable to prioritize deciding on the size of the facility before proceeding with other aspects. Furthermore,…

Why Location is Key When Renting a Warehouse

Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and forklift

Your warehouse’s location is crucial to remaining relevant in today’s challenging market. Your warehouse location impacts your budget, customer service, and transit time as you send orders to customers. Running a small or medium-sized business may make it seem simpler to manage your own fulfilment, but during the peak holiday season, you risk limiting your…

How to Prepare Your Warehouse for Leasing

Manager inspecting warehouse

In the real estate market, renting out a property for use as a warehouse is a significant investment option for commercial property owners. The trend of warehousing is rapidly expanding the real estate market, mainly due to the growth of the e-commerce industry over the last decade. Thanks to their extensive warehouse for lease networks,…