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Do Open Concept Office Spaces Actually Work?

open concept office space

If you’ve ever watched HGTV, you’re probably familiar with the phrase “open concept”. A typical space with an “open concept” doesn’t have walls in between rooms. In homes, it’s done to make small spaces feel bigger or to provide a communal space for families to gather. Having no walls between a kitchen and a living…

Retail vs. Commercial Space

Space for lease that can be used for a commercial or retail space

Some people use the phrases “retail space” and “commercial space” somewhat interchangeably and it can get a bit confusing. Is there a difference between the two, or are they one and the same? Is all retail space commercial space, but is all commercial space not retail space? Where and how do they overlap? Never fear,…

Warehouse Automation – What You Need To Know

Warehouse Automation

Managing the day-to-day operations of a warehouse is no easy feat. Warehouse management tasks include keeping track of what could be hundreds to thousands of inventory, manufacturing products, managing how employees move products, shipping products to customers, and much more. It’s a tough job with a lot of pressure to perform. Especially now as Amazon…