Sometimes managing the warehouse inventory or distribution can be a challenge in the supply chain. It can become even more challenging if you have limited space in the warehouse. As such, you need to know the best way to tidy up your warehouse space to optimize the operations. You may be experiencing growth and shipments are coming in as the customer orders keep on rising. You need to keep harmony in your warehouse, and the last thing you need to do is to get a cleanup company. As such, the following tips are necessary for you to do a good job as you create space on the available warehouse property and streamline operations.

Start From The Beginning

Sometimes when shipments from suppliers come in, it is easy to feel like taking care of them later. This procrastination is not good, and what you can do is to breakdown the boxes, unpackage the product, and stock them where necessary. This is one procedure that requires commitment and consistency, especially if you receive the same shipments at a particular day of the week. You need to have a schedule in your calendar where you indicate what to do even to reduce the workload that needs your attention.

Analyze The Layout of Your Stock

If you are shipping certain products together, you need to put between them a convenient pace within the warehouse. It becomes even better if you have statistical support that shows where Product A is and so on. This reduces pricing time because you will place the item at a very convenient place within the warehouse.

Extending The Racks Vertically

When you extend the racks up you, create more space. Most buildings nowadays have a fire suppression sprinkler system that allows you to store your inventory up to 18 inches of that area. However, you need an evaluation of the place by a structural engineer to ensure it is a viable option.

Reducing The Aisle Width In The Racking Area

A wide aisle ranges from 10 to 15 feet, but it can be reduced from eight to five feet. This saves 15 to 20% of the space available. This option requires you to consider the storage medium to ascertain that equipment can work within narrow aisles.

Keeping Traffic Barriers

This is seemingly obvious, but be sure that you are keeping things out of the major traffic area. No one wants to have a rush hour traffic block and to free your employees from too much unnecessary work; you need to keep some traffic barriers.

Carry Out Regular Inspections

You need to do visual inspections of the available warehouse property regularly. This is necessary, as it makes sure that the warehouse is always at optimal efficiency. In other words, you are checking on the cleanliness, neatness, as well as organization to ensure the warehouse is in excellent working condition.

Leveraging On The Warehouse Management System For Direct Put-Away

The best way to create or save space in your warehouse is to have a direct put-away. This is done by the warehouse property management system where everything goes to the best-suited location. You can know where to put a pallet as opposed to letting a worker put it in the most convenient position.

The answer to tidying up a warehouse is dependent on the combination of the above aspects and a host of others. You can decide to free up space, add trucks and equipment and so on. You have to do everything that will make it easy to optimize the operation system of your warehouse. All operations require careful planning and execution.

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