Are you thinking about starting a business in the Randolph County or Asheboro region? If you are not, you should. The numerous resources and support given to new businesses are more than ever expected from a county. As the county continues to grow and thrive, the Economic Development Corporation of Randolph County provides optimal resources and incentives to moving your business to the region.

Where to Start your Business

Check out this map of available commercial spaces available to rent within the Asheboro region. An ideal location for any industrial, warehouse, retail, shopping, or warehouse space, this region provides a variety of different types of buildings, including brick, open floor plans, high ceilings, and store front space.

Why Bring your Business to Randolph County

The Randolph County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) provides an Existing Business and Industry Program that targets the needs of local businesses. With more than 4,800 companies invested in Randolph County, there are more jobs and income for the growth of the community which is essential to the long-term economic energy of the area.

The Existing Business and Industry Program services the needs of local businesses with specific problem solving, related to infrastructure, personnel, and other issues. They also identify beneficial programs and services, such as financing, technical support, grants, and training. And it doesn’t stop there, if you have service expansion needs, in search of business and statistical information, and communication, EDC can provide you with the support you need.


If you find yourself relocating, expanding, or even starting your business in Randolph County, you may qualify for the incentives listed below. These are even in addition to incentives offered by the State of North Carolina.

  • Economic Development Grants – Encouraging and supporting location and expansion of distribution, manufacturing, and office firms within the county, Randolph County and its municipal governments offer grants for economic development.
  • Road Access- If your business is eligible, extended or improved road access may be provided. Assistance is also available to construct rail spur tracks to service new or expanding businesses.
  • Energy – If your company meets usage and job creation thresholds, you may be eligible to receive discounted energy rates. Even better, if you are located or expanded into a property that has been vacant for more than two months, you may be eligible for even more discounted energy rates. Find vacant properties here.
  • Workforce – By creating new employment opportunities in the community, businesses may receive support in recruitment, screening, and state funded customized work training.
  • Utilities- Working in partnership with state and private forces, local government improve and extend utility access to services business needs.
  • Small Business Center- The objective of the SBC is to increase success rate in new businesses and in order to achieve a high success rate, it provides community-based education and training, counseling, resources, and referrals.It also offers seminars,, one-on-one consultation, and referrals. Many of these services come at no cost to the participant.

Note: Incentives are presented based on the company fulfillment in adding capital investment and creating quality employment opportunities for the community. All final approval of incentives or grants is subject to consent by the governing authority.

EDC continues to work with new and existing companies to create new jobs, expanded tax base in the county, and develop a strong local economy and this resource is just a fraction of what is providing to local businesses.

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