Industrial rental properties, even the smallest ones, are very expensive. Small businesses are finding it harder to find any warehouse spaces within their budget. Most warehouses on the market right now are starting at around $1,500 a month. A growing business might not have a stable budget to rent out a whole industrial rental property. Some small businesses do not have the need for a big place because their business is still growing. This applies to not only small businesses, but seasonal businesses as well. Seasonal businesses might need industrial rental properties, but without the long-term commitment that comes with renting an entire warehouse. There will be a solution for your business, depending on your situation. A shared or flex warehouse could be the solution to your problem.

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Shared Warehousing

A shared warehouse is a space utilized by multiple businesses. In a shared warehouse, small businesses share the cost, space, labor and technology. This is better for small businesses who do not have a consistent supply chain. With a traditional warehouse space the cost is fixed which is hard to manage for small businesses with an inconsistent supply chain. The shared warehouse offers more flexibility. A traditional warehouse space is usually leased for a long-term, multi-year period. With shared warehousing, businesses can lease the space monthly if that is all they need. A multi-client warehouse is usually managed through a third party logistics provider. They provide the industrial rental property, and your business, with all the tools needed for you to grow. The third party logistics provider also offers workers that are trained and knowledgeable in warehouse services and management. This enhances your service and productivity as a business. The cost of shared industrial rental properties is usually spread out evenly across all the clients, but this can vary depending on the size and activity of your business. Shared warehousing offers a great opportunity for growing businesses to explore industrial rental properties without the long term commitment that could be out of reach for their business’s budget.

Flex Warehousing for Industrial Rental Properties

A flex warehouse is a space that is part office and other part warehouse. This dynamic and adaptable space can be used as either just an office, or warehouse, or both. Small businesses are able to have a shared office and warehouse space to grow their business. Clients can also rent garages, shops, warehouses, or office spaces monthly or seasonally. Sharing an office space is also known as co-working. This is a great short term alternative for small businesses with a tight budget. A flex space supplies businesses with direct access to the warehouse which improves communication and production. Flex spaces are customizable which means you can cater them to your business needs. This can also be changed as your business grows. The flex space is only rented for as long as you need, similar to shared warehouses. It is easier for businesses to operate with multiple flex warehouses across the country instead of staying local. Businesses can then serve and respond to customers faster if they are in a closer flex space.

Are These Options for You?

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