Finding a place where you can move in with your furry companion can be challenging. Species, breed, and weight restrictions can all impact where you decide you’re going to call home. This article will provide guidance in finding pet-friendly apartments if you are seeking to live in the Asheboro, NC area.

Check Online Listings

The majority of individuals will employ online search tools to fine-tune their search for their ideal living situation. The Schwarz Properties website has a property search function in which you can, among other criteria, choose Asheboro, NC as your target area and select Pet Friendly under “Looking for certain features.”

Private Landlords Are Easier to Negotiate With (Sometimes)

Even if an individual property owner doesn’t list their Asheboro, NC apartment, specifically, as pet-friendly, they can be easier to persuade. A professional property management company usually sticks to the rules as stated.

Is Your Furry Friend a Support Companion?

Many people are unaware that they may qualify to claim their companion animal as an emotional support animal before moving into apartments in Asheboro, NC. The Fair Housing Act protects those individuals who have a mental or emotional condition and rely on their pets for consolation. Though this may not be applicable to everyone, it may be worth investigating if you suspect you may meet these conditions.

Size Restrictions

As much as you may love the larger breeds of dogs, keep in mind many apartments in Asheboro, NC, as well as other localities, have weight restrictions. Usually, 20-50 pounds is the range many property-owners set as the maximum allowable limit.

Get Your Pet Accredited

By accreditation, we are referring to recommendations from former landlords, dog walkers, trainers, veterinarians, and so forth, as to the admirable demeanor of your pet. Every endorsement you can obtain vouching for your companion will work in your favor. If the apartment owner still has reservations, suggest setting up an in-person meet and greet so they can get a better feel for your companion.

Suggest a Pet Deposit

Some apartment owners in Asheboro, NC already require this before you sign a lease but, if a pet security deposit is not specified in the terms of the lease, suggesting one may persuade the apartment owner to allow you to move in with your pet.

Choose a Location Right For You And Your Pet

Just because an apartment allows pets doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right place for you and your companion by default. Take the time to explore the surrounding community. Are there parks within the immediate area where you can take your companion for a stroll? Fortunately, Asheboro, NC has many beautiful parks to choose from. Is there a reputable doggy daycare in the area? Perhaps the property you are considering offers onsite pet services— all things to investigate before making a decision.

Become Familiar With Local Law

What if you and your companion move into your new apartment and, months later, the owner decides Rover has to go? Know your rights as they pertain to you as a tenant. The Asheboro, NC community website is a good place to start. Talk to local officials and ensure that once you and your companion have moved into an apartment, both of you are there for the duration of the lease.

Need Assistance Finding the Perfect Place for You and Your Furry Friend?

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