If you are an Asheboro resident, you know more than anyone that space is not easy to come by organically. It’s important to make sure your warehouse space is being used at its max capacity, and that you’re utilizing all the uses it can have. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your warehouse space in Asheboro.

Use Vertical Space

Most warehouses can be considered multi-story buildings due to the height of the ceilings. When you are designing your warehouse layout, you should use this to your advantage! Stacking your products can help keep the aisles wider and give you more floor space to use for work. When you’re working with vertical stacking, make sure you are safe and stacking things neatly. If you get messy with this step, it can lead to a lot of problems like your shelves falling, products getting squished under other products, and it can be really confusing to locate the items you need.

Consolidate Your Product Locations

If you’re using your warehouse space to store products for your business, you probably have a lot of items on stock at all times. If this sounds familiar to you, you should make sure that all of your products are organized in a way that is helpful to you and your workers. If you have multiple versions of a product but have them stored in different places, it can get confusing and most likely end up with some discrepancies when counting, stocking and selling your products. You should also try to keep related products near one another to help when you need to locate your items.

Use Off-Site Locations If Necessary

Overstock is something that a lot of businesses deal with, whether the products you have been so popular that you need to stay on top of your stock, or if you have products that no one wanted to purchase. If you are running out of room in your warehouse, you can always use another location to stock your products that aren’t being used or purchased by consumers. You can do this by renting out a storage space, finding room on your personal property to store, or even renting out another warehouse for storage. Letting your products sit on the floor and collect dust isn’t helpful, and sometimes can pose potential dangers for those who are in the warehouse.

Use Your Warehouse the Right Way

Some buildings are meant for living, some are for working, and there are tons of other options for how to use a building. When you choose your rental warehouse in Asheboro, make sure you think about how you want to use it and what you are using it for. There may be special features to your building or warehouse that can boost the productivity or usefulness of certain rooms or spots of the building. Get to know your rental space before you start moving things in, it can help you understand the space before you move into it.

Understand The Space You Have

When working in a warehouse, there is usually some form of machinery that gets used, so you need to measure all machinery to ensure it will be able to navigate through the aisles of the warehouse. Obvious issues can occur if the machines are bigger than the aisles they need to fit through, so making sure you have plenty of room (with a little extra space in case of emergencies). You should also make sure that the workspace you need is spacious enough for your workers to move around comfortably, and not feel cramped.

Keep It Simple

Warehouse decoration and usage can be tough to swallow, but keeping it simple is your best option. If you choose to panic about everything, your warehouse will probably suffer. All you really need to make sure you have in your warehouse is enough room. Spacing out your warehouse properly can make the environment feel more welcoming, and less like a warehouse if that’s what you’re going for.

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