Are looking at new commercial properties for rent? If so, you should know that moving to a new office space is a challenging process. Before all these troubles, it’s best to stay prepared for any of the commercial properties for rent you might be looking at.

The Need for a New SpaceOpen office with desks and loft space

Why is it a good idea to move your office to a new space? A more modern and spacious office environment can do wonders for your business. Among its many benefits, it may even improve your bottom line.

Your office could need a new space for any of the following reasons:

  • You have broken amenities that demotivate and distract the team
  • You’d like a better opportunity to attract staff and clients
  • Your company has grown and demands more space

If you believe it is now time to move to new office space, the next step is to plan your move to one of these commercial properties for rent. Remember not to skip the planning phase to ensure the moving process will be as seamless as possible.

Planning Your Move

This is the part where you announce to the team the plan to move to a new office. You have plenty of organizing to do at this step, making sure that all documents are accounted for. First, pick a space in the office to move documents, notes, and other items as you organize. With that in place, you can plan your move following the steps below:

  • Organize key documents like contracts, agreements, and records
  • Announce the move to the team and ask for feedback to ensure a seamless process
  • Open communication to the team for suggestions or complaints
  • Establish the budget for the move and what the purchasing process will be
  • Record key details such as the headcount of employees, the size of the current office, and the size of the new office
  • Create an inventory of the things you will be taking to your new office and leaving behind
  • Outline duties and create a moving committee that will help with the actual moving

Cardboard box with folders and office supplies in floor during relocationPacking and Preparing

The next phase involves preparing and packing all the necessary stuff. You can start by making sure you have the different services you need in place. These include a moving crew, boxes, trucks, and a cleaning service. It will take some time, but you must pick reliable options to ensure you don’t encounter unexpected issues.

If you plan your move right, you may still have some pre-move time you can use to downsize. You might be able to reduce the things you will bring when you move if you go over the inventory again. Once you are done with this, you can start packing. As much as possible, pack early to avoid it becoming overwhelming.

Moving to New Commercial Properties for Rent

Once it’s moving day, you’ll be mostly ready. You’ll only have a few things left to do, such as labeling boxes and finishing packing the absolute necessities.

Once you’re done with all these, it’s time to move. Call your movers and let them handle this part. At the same time, the cleaning crew will take care of tidying up after leaving your old office.

The cleaning crew in the new building will handle the cleaning ahead of time, meaning that after you’re done unpacking, you can celebrate moving to a new office.

Find a New Space With Schwarz!

We hope that this simple guide can make the moving process to your new office as simple as possible. If you are now enjoying your new office, we congratulate you on your successful move. If you’re still combing through various commercial properties for rent, we’re here to help you find the perfect modern space for your team. If you’d like more information, contact us today at (336) 625-6076 or visit our website!