When looking for a future home, you need to consider whether the area evaluation is correct. You must look at the surrounding areas and obtain a proper evaluation when looking to rent a home. For us, our focus is on rent in Asheboro, NC because that is where we call home. If you live around Asheboro and you are looking for rent, here are some quick tips on looking for a new home.

Livability And Safety When Renting in Asheboro, NC

When looking to rent, livability and safety are crucial in determining whether you want to be living in that area. Your wellbeing is important and a misinterpreted area evaluation could cause major problems in the long run. So how do you make sure your safety and wellbeing are in the clear? Here are some checklist items that you must consider when renting in Asheboro, NC.


Your security and safety are the most important decision when evaluating an area to rent a house from. When going through your security checklist, make sure that there are proper deterrents and whether the house is fit to reside yourself and your family.


Is the area surrounding your potential new home accessible? This includes stairs, ramps, elevators or anything else that allows for ease of access.

Essential Needs

Does your house have the necessary essentials to live? This includes water, heating, cooling, and the internet. In today’s world, all of these factors are essential in determining whether to rent in Asheboro, NC.

Lights and Electricity

When determining whether to rent, having proper lighting and electricity is a necessity. Having both indoor and outdoor lighting is a large contributor to safety and security. Additionally, having reliable electricity in an area allows for more comfort and ease of life.

Lifestyle Opportunities When Renting in Asheboro, NC

Asheboro, NC is a lively community. The residents have created a close knit community, and when evaluating the area, this is a key factor. As a future home owner in Asheboro, you want to be close to the rest of the community. Here are some of the attractions that you may want to be near.

North Carolina Zoo

If you have young children, the North Carolina Zoo is a great place to have close by. Having a zoo also allows you to explore and learn about animals you rarely get to see elsewhere.

A red, yellow, and blue parrot being witnessed by a family that has just rented a home in Asheboro, NC.

Richland Creek Canopy Tours

Asheboro, NC is a beautiful place to live and its tree canopies are stunning. Living near a place with a plentiful amount of zip-lines and adventure opportunities is a great plus to your area evaluation.

Tot Hill Farm Golf Club

If you enjoy relaxing on the links, then Tot Hill Farm Golf club is the place for you. Having this beautiful golf course within driving distance of your home is wonderful and could be a decider in your area evaluation.

Proximity to Historic Asheboro, NC

Asheboro, NC has an amazing community and being near the historic downtown area provides plenty of opportunities. From shopping to going out for dinner, Asheboro provides a family-friendly town to explore and visit. If having a phenomenal social life sounds interesting to you, then make sure proximity to historic Asheboro is a factor in your area evaluation.

Need Help Evaluating the Area to Rent in Asheboro, NC?

When considering moving to Asheboro, NC, give Schwarz Properties a call if you have any questions. Reach out to us at our contact page or by giving us a call at (336) 625-6076. Schwarz Properties is one of the largest providers of industrial and commercial real estate in the Southeast and we want to affirm your rental comfort.