Why Are There Pet Policies?

Pet policies in rental spaces, hotels, malls or traveling agencies mean that they might allow pets but with a few restrictions. In other cases, they will not allow for pets within the premise.  This article is to make both the pet and non-pet owners to understand the reasons for these policies and other important components.

Reasons for Pet Policies

Manage activities within the building

Most apartments for rent especially in the urban areas will have a pet policy in order to manage activities within the buildings. The owner or landlord is able to account for the existence of both the pet owner and the pet. It ensures that everything is well organized while still accommodating the pet existence.


It is important for the landlord to ensure that tenants that are pet owners and those that are not have a common understanding. You create a friendly environment that will not lead to conflicts because of the pet among the tenants.

Building protection

Apartments for rent require care, maintenance and repairs to keep them in good condition. Pet policies are a control measure that ensures that there will be no mess and minimal wear or tear in the lobbies, stairs, hallways, and elevators.

Pet friendly environment

It is also a form of acknowledgment that you have a pet and they strive to provide a good and friendly environment for them while still maintaining the same for other tenants.

Pet Deposits

First, we need to acknowledge the difference between pet fee and deposit. Most people tend to confuse the two and as a result, their meaning has been used interchangeably. The apartment owner or community determines an amount that pet owners should pay before moving in. Different apartment owners will have varying terms on the fee and whether it is refundable or not.

Importance/ what are they used for?

A pet deposit in apartments for rent is used to cater for damages that might be caused by your pet within the premise. For example, your pet might scratch the walls and the deposit will be used to cater for that when you move out. Most pet owners are reluctant to pay the deposit based on this approach especially if they are sure the pet is well behaved.

How to Reduce Damage?

Pet damage refers to any damage by the pet to your property. It could be on the walls, staircase, hallway, carpet, and exterior fences.

Pet policy- it has some restrictions that will ensure the pet-owner works towards training their pet from refraining. It is an effective risk and damage control strategy.

Property modification- it will help reduce the maintenance requirements and the risk of pet damage. For example use of tiles on the floor for easy cleaning after soiling or provision of a backyard where the pets can play.

Breed Restrictions

These provisions restrict the type of breed a pet owner should have while using apartments for rent. The weight, size, and history of aggression are primary considerations when choosing which breed is allowed in the building. It is important because some breeds can cause harm to property and unfamiliar people especially if they have a history of aggression.

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