Warehouses are an important resource for businesses putting out mass amounts of product. It’s important to have the space to store product and the efficiency to move it as needed. When you think “warehouse,” you probably think “big”- but even the biggest warehouses can fill up quickly and seem too small. It’s important to know how to maximize your space without expanding to a bigger warehouse.

Up, Up, and Away

How tall are the ceilings in your warehouse? Are you utilizing that space to the best of your ability? Stacking vertically is one of the best ways to conserve space. Make sure you leave enough room from the top of your product to the ceiling to comply with fire codes, though! You’ll also want to make sure things are stacked in a safe manner. A falling box could spell disaster, especially from a high shelf. Lastly, you need to make sure you have the proper equipment to get things down such as a rolling or platform step ladder.

Rolling step ladder used in a warehouse the owner is leasing


It might be tempting to stockpile supplies by ordering them in bulk to cut down on costs, but that can also cut down on your storage space. Instead of having supplies delivered once a month and dedicating valuable square footage to storing them, try having them delivered once a week instead. You’ll still need space to store them, of course, but you’ll be able to dedicate a smaller space.

When One Door Closes…

….You could save some space. If you’re using separate docks for loading and unloading, consider shuttering one dock and utilizing that space. Combining shipping and receiving docks is fairly easy, and could save you some trouble.

Add a Mezzanine

Warehouse for lease with a mezzanine helps maximize space

A mezzanine could be very useful. It might be a bit of an expense to install, but it could give you as much space as an expansion would, without actually having to do an expansion! Another advantage is that if you need to, you can dismantle the mezzanine and move it. You can get one customized to the size of your space as well. A mezzanine is a good place to put an office. It allows you to have a birds-eye view of the production floor and keep an eye on your business. It can be a temporary solution if you’re thinking about moving to a bigger space at some point, or it can allow you to stay in your current space for several years.

Reduce Aisle Size

Take a look at the size of the aisles in your warehouse and consider whether you can shrink them a little bit. Of course, it’s important to have enough space to get people, equipment, and product through. However, if you’ve got a 25-foot-wide aisle and your widest piece of equipment is 12 feet, it might be worth considering shrinking that space down a bit to create more space for your product and operations.

Half Pallets Aren’t Half Bad

Do you have a little bit of space at the edges of your warehouse, but not enough to fit another full pallet in? Consider using half pallets. These are not only smaller, but also lighter and easier to maneuver with forklifts and pallet jacks. Some types of product only come on half pallets anyways, so they’re easy to fit into your current setup.

Really Pressed for Space?

If you need to use every inch of your warehouse for product and shipping, but you still need an office, consider using a trailer. They can be a great option for temporary office space, or they can even be used long-term.

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