A budget is perhaps one of the most important components of running a business. It’s important to keep track of how much you can afford to spend and keep everything balanced. However, it’s also important to have good curb appeal for your business – how else are you going to draw customers in? It can be challenging to increase your curb appeal and attract customers while staying within your budget. Luckily, there are plenty of frugal ways to make your business more eye-catching.

The Door

People painted their door red to improve curb appeal for their residential property

It may sound like a small thing, but a brightly colored front door can do wonders for your curb appeal. Repainting the front door can absolutely help draw customers to your business. If your door is white or another plain color, repainting it with a bright color like red or blue can catch people’s eye while they’re walking or driving by. Just make sure that the color matches the “theme” of your business- a bright blue door would fit well with an ice cream shop, but maybe not so much with a lawyer’s office. If you don’t feel that a brightly colored door would work well with your business, simply giving it a fresh coat of paint in its current color can work wonders for your curb appeal as well.


Commercial property improved their curb appeal by adding landscaping

A little bit of landscaping can go a long way to help improve your commercial or residential property’s curb appeal! Brightly colored flowers are beautiful and can be a huge draw. Yes, landscaping can be a tad expensive if you go through a landscaping company, but if you do it yourself you can cut way down on the cost, plus it can be a fun and relaxing experience! If you don’t have the space outside your business to do some gardening, look into getting a few window boxes. Those can add a significant amount of color and charm to your curb appeal as well.

Maintain the Sidewalks

Street full of shops with Christmas trees to spruce up their curb appeal

The sidewalk outside your commercial property, whether it’s technically your responsibility or not, can give an impression of your business. Even if it’s a city sidewalk, it’s not going to reflect well on your business if it’s all cracked and uneven. When it’s snowy or icy, make sure to keep the sidewalk outside your business shoveled and salted. If there are cracks or uneven areas, call the city to come fix them and maybe even put up a sign warning people to be careful. Potential customers will appreciate the fact that you care enough about their safety to warn them!

Keep Your Building Clean

Buildings get dirty. It’s just a fact of life. Between rain, snow, and just the fact that your siding is exposed to the elements, there will be water spots, dust, and dirt affecting the appearance of your building. This can be remedied by pressure-washing your commercial property every now and then. You can often rent power-washers for a few hours or a day, so this doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have a welcome mat, make sure to clean it occasionally as well. Just run a vacuum over it every week or so, and toss it in the wash every few weeks. Do this more often if it is lightly colored, and consider getting a dark-colored welcome mat in anticipation of situations like this.

Visually Appealing Address Numbers

Visually appealing address numbers to improve property's curb appeal

Your business name should be prominently displayed, obviously, but address numbers are important as well, not only for mail, but for adding a bit of beauty and charm to your curb appeal. Metal numbers can be appealing and pretty, as well as lasting longer than painted numbers, but make sure you keep them clean so that they don’t rust.

Window Design

Especially during the holidays, playing with window design can be fun and festive for your overall curb appeal. If you or one of your employees is artistically inclined, using temporary paint for a fun window design can catch people’s eye and draw them over to your business. If you’re doing holiday decorations, consider including as many holidays as possible. Inclusivity can go a long way.

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