Industrial rental spaces might not be your first thought for redecoration, but any aesthetics can help improve the atmosphere and appearance of any space. If you are just starting out, make sure you have the basics of leasing a warehouse space done, otherwise there isn’t much point in making a work-in-progress look pretty. The environment of any workspace affects the mood of anyone working there. It’s much easier going into work looking forward to a calm, warming place rather than dreading a dull, cold space. Not only will your employees appreciate the change, but your rental space is likely to stand out for any visitors or customers as well.

Organize And Clean

Industrial rental spaces aren’t exempt from staying neat and tidy. Any sort of space, industrial, commercial or personal, will benefit from consistent organization and cleaning. Don’t cut corners either–make sure you get behind shelves and under small spaces. If your industrial rental space only looks clean from a glance, it doesn’t serve much purpose in the long-run. Messes build upon themselves and anything left over will most likely be a bigger mess to clean next time.


Small things, like dusting or wiping off surfaces, will improve the appearance of your industrial rental space. A daily sweep or floor cleaning will keep the place looking new. Also keep in mind to clear any clutter. Making sure everything has its own place will enhance the appearance of your space. You can also add some flair to your organization by color-coding things to bring more vibrancy into your industrial rental space.


Most industrial rental spaces aren’t created with aesthetic design in mind. This may have more to do with the location of the space itself. Assess your rental space’s access to light. Is there anywhere for natural light to come into the building? Are the existing light fixtures bright enough? Anywhere natural light can be accessed should be taken advantage of. This will promote a lighter atmosphere and affect the moods of people working there positively. If there isn’t much natural light available, substitute with light fixtures. While artificial lighting might not be ideal, a brighter place to work is much better than a darker one.


Adding any sort of visuals will improve the appearance of your industrial rental space. You may think it may be tacky to hang art in an industrial space, but anything else to look at other than boxes, shelves and equipment will enhance the appearance. If nothing else, it gives the eyes a break from the same, dull things they see all day long. These tiny, subtle breaks and distractions can help improve worker productivity as well. If you aren’t too keen on art, hanging any other visuals will help. Posters, instructions and reminders will provide more diversity in the atmosphere of any industrial rental space and serve as references and guides for workers.

Worker Input

Give your employees an area to be creative–you might be surprised! A board to share common interests, family photos, accomplishments, workplace initiatives and challenges will brighten the space and atmosphere. This will make employees feel more comfortable and provides another avenue of communication for things like meetings, schedule changes or upcoming events. Everyone likes to be creative in some way, so providing an opportunity to show an employee’s secondary talents will not only increase interest in the work and company, but give you some free redecorating as well!

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