At face value, logistics and warehousing are the same as they provide storage for palletized commodities and the distribution operations. However, the daily activities of a third party logistics provider have changed thanks to the innovative technology hitherto unheard of in the last two and a half decades. Fashioning competitive advantage and enhance speedy service delivery as lead to many developments, especially in logistics technology. Since warehouses are crucial supply chain hubs, they are in constant pressure to adopt the new technology trends to meet the rising demand. As such, there are leading logistics technologies that are affecting warehouse operation trends and capability movements.

Optimizing Factory Space Utilization For On-Demand Warehousing

This goes beyond using third party logistics providers, and it allows companies to access more warehouse space for lease only when necessary. The on-demand warehousing does not entertain the need to invest in a permanent space in a warehouse that might not be in constant need. You can get a warehouse meant for peak capacity that leverages extra space during off-peak times.

Last Minute Deliveries As A Result of Drone Delivery Capability

The competition for market share between e-commerce and retailers has become stiff, especially with shortest delivery timelines. The demand for rapid delivery has led to a rise in the use of drones for last mile delivery. As such, warehouses are under pressure to fulfill orders much faster and with utmost accuracy for them to meet the demand. This has also paved the way for third party partnerships necessary for company’s facilitation of rapid delivery.

This shift in behavior has occasioned changes in warehousing and distribution industry because e-commerce providers are almost forming their independent sector as third party logistics providers need to offer return logistics and tracking capabilities directly to the customer besides the conventional solutions.

Improved Warehouse Design

Sometimes it is easy to sacrifice efficiency instead of so many inventors in limited square footage. Space efficiency is as important as stuffing every square inch with an inventory. As such using new technology makes it easy for you to find a warehouse for rent for use with enough space layout as you maximize on the efficiency of product storage, in and out operations and any other process that adds value to your use.

Enhanced Sustainability

This is a topical issue these days, and it is changing nearly everything. With technology, companies are reducing energy consumption, reducing product waste, and cutting down on emissions as they align with the existing regulations. The replacement of fluorescent lighting with LED lighting reduces power consumption as it saves the warehouse money. With a smart warehouse design that has monitors that regulate power consumption, they become more energy efficient and prevent power ghosts from consuming power when not in use. As such, technology has made warehouses more sustainable both in house and in their operations with other facilities.

Automation-as-a-service That Allows Operations to Scale As Demand Changes

Any business must balance supply and demand, and this calls for flexibility. Adopting automation-as-a-service is increasing, and this has allowed warehouses on the scale their resources up or down to allow for shifting demands. This can become more flexible with regard to cost management, priority deliveries, as well as distribution channels.

It is clear that technology is going to have a noticeable influence on the entire supply chain, even in the future. As such, the new technology is not only meant to enhance efficiency in the warehouses but also, in the search for available warehouse property as it reduces costs. This will give them an edge in the ever-changing environment. The warehouse and the supply industry is expected to gravitate more towards digitizing everything to meet the needs of a modern generation.

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