“Growth” can be a vague concept for modern businesses. Growth can mean expanding your business, taking it to a new level with new marketing techniques, increasing revenue, and more. In today’s competitive market, if your business isn’t growing, it isn’t succeeding. One way to grow your business is to expand to a bigger space for production and distribution. Asheboro, North Carolina is the perfect place to rent warehouse space! Asheboro is located about an hour and a half’s drive from Charlotte and boasts a large manufacturing workforce.

The Value of Space in Asheboro

“Location, location, location” is a familiar phrase to all. Most people know that the cost per square foot of any type of space will vary by location. For example, restaurant space in New York is going to be way more costly than restaurant space in Wisconsin. In Asheboro, you’re sure to get a great value for your money. This may be surprising in a town that has a strong manufacturing background, but warehouse space is relatively inexpensive there. Asheboro is close enough to a major city to be convenient, but far enough away to avoid those expensive per-square-foot prices, which can be a major advantage for small businesses. If you’re paying less per square foot for your warehouse space, then you’ll either be able to get a bigger warehouse than you planned, or you’ll be able to stick with the size you originally planned and save some money.

Lots of Choices

There are plenty of warehouses for rent in Asheboro, NC. Since the town has such a strong manufacturing background, warehouses go on and off the market quite often. Some are extremely large, measuring tens of thousands of feet, and some are smaller spaces that may be suited to a smaller business. Plus, if you set up your warehouse in a city like Asheboro that has plenty of available warehouse space for rent, you have lots of options for the future. You could start out in a small warehouse space, then move to a bigger space if your business outgrows the smaller one.

A Manufacturing Community

Asheboro is a community with a large manufacturing workforce. In fact, approximately 30% of the workforce is employed in manufacturing, according to Data USA! With so many people working in the industry, it shouldn’t be hard to find people to work with you in your new warehouse space. Advertising your available positions on Indeed, Monster, or other job websites can help get the word out. It may also be helpful to create a large sign for the outside of your warehouse communicating that you are hiring.

A Town on the Rise

Asheboro’s population is steadily increasing and the town is very supportive of local businesses! Since Asheboro is centrally located in North Carolina, it’s very convenient to get to and from major cities. People are flocking to Asheboro as an alternative to the big city, bringing even more patronage to its local businesses. Asheboro has a great city school district with a high graduation rate, making it a great place for families. Besides finding warehouse space in Asheboro, NC, you’ll also find a wonderful place to call home.

Ready to Take the Leap in Asheboro?

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