Commercial real estate has experienced a tremendous change in recent years, thanks to technology. Gone are the days when commercial investors tracked and stayed attached to their business via a pager. Nowadays, things have changed, especially with the popularity of mobile devices, making the investing business even more convenient. With the introduction of commercial real estate apps, it is easy to manage lease, find commercial property for rent, and even monitor any of your properties for warning signs. Brokers are conducting business from mobiles apps, some of which are free, and since they are mostly on the move, there are several apps they can consider very crucial to their business.


Any real estate broker that has not checked this app is missing out. Marketing can become hard, especially if you are dealing with an under-construction building. Selling space may be hard. However, with the Floored app, you get a 3D rendering of any commercial space for lease as you visualize the space needed for the business. You may have an unfinished building, and the client wants to see how it will look like after construction. Space may also be finished and furnished, but the client may want to see it as blank. With the Floored app, you can do just that.


This is a free download app that every broker needs to have. However, for you to enjoy all the features that come with it, you need to get the premium subscription. It helps real estate brokers to access the information from the CoStar account on their mobile device. Even if you are away, you can find updated research intelligence on real estate Asheboro, NC, ownership, availability tenants as well as completed transactions. The app updates its content and allows you access to accurate and timely research data from anywhere, even if you are on the move.

Property Capsule

This app helps you to present any properties that you have in a very attractive and compelling way. This cloud-based platform is ideal for your presentation as you do the marketing of your portfolio. It has interactive site plans and an automated layer creation that is making it a real game-changer in the commercial real estate.


This app has so many capabilities that involve taking notes, recording audio, scanning documents, span photos, notes, and so on. It is like a digital brain, and it synchronizes across all platforms of devices, be it computers, tablets, phone and so on. You can search for it because it stores the notes structured data.


If you want to be a tech-savvy commercial mobile broker, you need to have this app on your phone. It is secure, business-focused, gives free space, great collaboration tools, and it is easy to use. With it, you can pull up contracts, plans, and forms from anywhere.


Every commercial real estate investor wants to keep the costs down as he gets a look at them to ensure they align with the overall commercial portfolio. The best tool to do this is the Optimizer that has an easy-to-use interface. It allows you to see the lease information of the available warehouse property and get to see how every level of the portfolio is doing. You do not need to scroll through excel spreadsheets anymore if you have this app. It offers the information you need as fast as possible.

Commercial real estate has embraced apps to enable brokers to manage their time, work, and give more time to their clients. As such, any commercial real estate broker needs to leverage on these apps and technology in general to achieve success.

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