It may feel like finding a home in your budget with everything you want is impossible, but we want to help you! Asheboro, NC offers many diverse housing options, and these tips will make your home search easier.

Want vs. Need

When trying to find a house for rent in Asheboro NC, it is a smart idea to create a list of your wants and needs. Often, you will find that many of your deemed needs are actually wants. Some things to consider are the number of beds and bathrooms, distance from work or school, neighborhoods, and, most importantly, price. A large family may be willing to compromise on the price for space, but others are not. Figuring out your non-negotiable needs before you begin your search will help you find the most practical houses for rent in Asheboro, NC.


When calculating your budget, make sure you consider the lease length, management company, and additional fees that may not be included in the monthly rent. Do you plan for your rental to be short-term or long-term?


If you are looking for a home alone, consider a roommate! There are many benefits to living with a roommate. Not only will it cut your rent in half, but you will be able to split the cost of utilities as well if they are not included in your rent. In addition, having a roommate will be an added safety bonus. You may want to also consider townhomes or duplexes. These would allow you to have the privacy and space you need without having extra space and upkeep that you do not need. There can potentially be many added amenities depending on the leasing or property management company, such as utilities, yard, and curb appeal upkeep.


One of the most influential aspects of real estate prices is location. Depending on what you are looking for, some neighborhoods may be a better fit than others. If applicable, you’ll want to check out the local schools. Highly ranked school districts often raise home values and taxes in the community. If schools are not a concern for you, decide if you want to be near restaurants and social scenes or in a quiet neighborhood. Finding houses for rent in Asheboro, NC would allow you to enjoy what Greensboro, NC has to offer without paying for downtown living. Browse websites such as, where you can find reviews of school districts, communities, and more to find a good fit for your needs.


North Carolina Highway SignageAnother aspect to consider is transportation. Will you be taking public transit or driving your car? Make sure to look into public transportation routes and options to know if you will need to budget in your own methods of transportation. With Greensboro, NC being approximately 25 miles away, it is common for residents of Asheboro to commute for work, school, shopping, dining, and more. Location and property may come with a trade-off, but it does not always have to, especially if you have the right team behind you.

Listing Sites

There are many options online to find the perfect home for you. Before you look in person, you may want to go online to get a good idea of what you might be looking for. Websites such as or are great options to start with. These sites allow you to filter and sort through the numerous different properties in your area based on rent availability, location, square footage, amenities, and pet accessibility.

Checking out local listings in your area before you begin viewing homes will provide you a better idea of the prices and amenities in your area.

Looking for Houses for Rent in Asheboro NC?

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