Security is a common and valid concern these days. People invest in all sorts of devices and systems to enhance the security of their property, including but not limited to video doorbells, security systems, and motion-activated lights. However, did you know that landscaping can actually enhance security? Trees, stones, hedges, and more are good for more than just curb appeal. Using plants and landscaping strategically can provide an added layer of security and privacy to your home, apartment, or mobile home property. You don’t have to be a landscaping expert to use these tips and tricks!

Using Bushes and Trees to Enhance Privacy

A well-placed bush or tree can do wonders for the privacy of your home, apartment, or mobile home. For example, using a large tree can hide the inside of your property from people who might look in from the street or sidewalk- in particular, the leaves of the tree can hide the second floor. This is convenient for several reasons- not only for privacy, but for temperature control as well. During the summer, a tree can provide welcome shade and cool down your property, possibly even reducing your electricity bill due to you having to use less air conditioning. Bushes probably won’t do anything for your electricity bill, but they can help you protect your privacy on the first floor of your rental property. In order to serve as a privacy shield, bushes have to be decently high, but be careful not to let them grow too high. You still need to be able to see out of your windows. For one thing, letting natural light in is important to most people. Additionally, if there are any threats to the security of your home, apartment, or mobile home, you’ll need to be able to see them and identify them.

A Bush a Day Keeps the Burglars Away

Keeping your home, apartment, or mobile home safe with landscaping isn’t just about blocking the view into your windows. Unfortunately, poorly landscaped yards and properties in disrepair tend to attract crime. This can be explained by something called the Broken Windows Theory. The Broken Windows Theory is a criminology theory that explains how unkempt landscaping, graffiti, and other signs of visible disrepair can encourage crime. The theory covers more than just landscaping, but the basic principle applies just the same. One easy way to avoid attracting burglars to your property is to put in landscaping and make it look nice. Properties with landscaping are perceived to be more secure than those without it. Sometimes just giving the impression of security can create it. This is why many retail stores install domes that look like cameras but don’t actually work. Just the idea that someone might be watching will deter many from trying to shoplift or cause other trouble.

Strategic Lighting Can Help

When you think of security lighting, you may think of motion detection lights first, but those aren’t the only types of lights that can enhance your property’s security. Simply placing a few lights among your landscaping to illuminate trees, bushes, or flowers can help. These types of lights can help you see people who may be approaching your home, apartment, or mobile home. Lights can also deter people from approaching your property, for fear of being seen.

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