“Smart” thermostats have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Why wouldn’t they be? The convenience of being able to set your home’s temperature from your phone and the potential for big energy savings are both great reasons to invest in a smart thermostat. You may or may not have one or be considering one for your home, but what if you own an apartment building, office space, or other rental property? Is it a good idea to put smart thermostats in rental properties? There are pros and cons to this decision for both the landlord and their tenants.

Pro Number 1: Energy Savings

Wi-fi enabled thermostats can benefit your home, but they can also benefit your wallet! Smart thermostats won’t magically eliminate your heating bill, but they can lower it considerably, depending on your heating and cooling habits. Basically, depending on how you program it, a smart thermostat will keep the temperature in your home as low as possible for as long as it can when your heat is on and as high as possible for as long as it can when your AC is on, saving energy by not heating or cooling your home unnecessarily. Smart thermostats offer more options for programming and can pick up on your habits and adjust accordingly- for example, a smart thermostat might “notice” that you get home later on Wednesdays than you do during the rest of the week and suggest heating up your home a bit later on Wednesdays so that you’re not wasting energy during the time you’re not home. After all, what’s the point of heating your house to 68 when no one’s there?

Pro Number 2: Potential Benefits for Those With Health Issues

If you suffer from circulation issues, you might be freezing one second and sweltering the next. A smart thermostat with a connected app allows you to adjust the temperature from minute to minute if you need to. Another added bonus is that adjusting the temperature from your phone doesn’t require you to get up. Circulation issues can coexist with other chronic health issues, so if you’re having a not-so-great day and can’t get off the couch, you can still adjust your home’s temperature right where you are.

Pro Number 3: Smart Technology is a Major Draw

In today’s rental market, smart technology is something that most people look for when choosing a place to live or work. There’s no denying that it makes life easier. From turning off the lights using only your voice to adjusting the temperature of your home from your car, the benefits of smart technology are practically limitless. So by installing a smart thermostat or other smart technology in a rental property, you’re likely to attract more tenants, and those tenants may be willing to pay a bit more for a home or office that has that kind of technology. Additionally, technology that you can connect to your phone can help you feel “closer” to the property. There’s something about being able to control the temperature of your home from your phone- a device that you carry with you all the time and use every day- that makes the simple act of setting your thermostat feel more personal.

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