Behind every successful property rental business is a reliable property manager. They help the landlord or owner to oversee their property without requiring them to be present or having to deal with tenants directly. They ensure that rent is paid, and repairs are handled in a timely manner.

Hiring a property manager is a stress-free way of managing rentals. Property managers take care of everything for the property owner or landlord, as well as for the tenants, so all aspects of their property rental business will go as seamlessly as possible for years to come.

Purpose of a Property ManagementProperty management meeting with info graphs and smartphones on table.

Property managers are the middlemen between owners and tenants. They help owners keep track of all payments, preserve their property, and maintain records. They work with prospective tenants to find suitable spaces for them, help them make decisions, and handle requests.

The property manager provides full management services for rentals, supervising the daily operations of properties to keep both parties satisfied.

What a Property Manager Can Do

A dependable property manager offers the following services to ensure that a rental business is well taken care of from end to end:

  • Screening Tenants: The property manager evaluates prospective tenants for credibility through an interview as well as with credit and background checks.
  • Maintaining Property: The property manager preserves the value of a property rental through periodic checks, repairs, and maintenance services.
  • Setting and Collecting Rent: The property manager determines the cost of rent by basing it on the current rental market and makes all payment methods available to tenants for their convenience.
  • Managing Records: The property manager manages finances, updates all records, provides statements, and organizes the budget.

Man working on two computer screens on building layouts.What a Property Manager Cannot Do

While there are many services a property manager can provide, there are things that are beyond their scope. Here are the things that are beyond what a property manager can do:

  • Using social media for selection: They cannot base tenant selection on what they see on social media.
  • Making assumptions about applicants: They cannot ask intrusive questions during an interview and make judgments based on personal circumstances.
  • Dropping by unannounced: They cannot make surprise visits to tenants’ homes just to check in on the property as this is against privacy laws.
  • Examining mail coming in: They cannot filter through tenants’ mail to verify credibility as this is a federal offense.

How a Property Manager Can Help Renters

A property manager’s job is to ensure that tenants are also satisfied and comfortable. Here are ways in which a property management company can help make tenants’ lives easier:

  • Showing a property: They allow interested renters to view the property in full detail and help them make a decision.
  • Answering inquiries: They answer questions about the rent terms or any other unique situation they may find themselves in.
  • Forwarding requests: They forward repair cases and other requests within the scope of the agreement to the property owner for approval.
  • Managing complaints: They handle any property-related complaint or community concern and ask them to submit a written notification.

What To Look For in a Good Property Manager

Every reputable property management company provides hassle-free services to clients looking to find success in their rental business. Below are key things to look for in a good property manager:

  • Respects tenants’ privacy
  • Caters to necessary repairs
  • Generates consistent earnings
  • Communicates regularly
  • Produces timely reports
  • Ensures compliance
  • Maintains the property

Worry-Free Rental Business With Schwarz Property Management

To achieve a successful property rental business, every owner or landlord needs the support of a trustworthy property management company. Schwarz Properties provides a full range of services to help property owners make the most of their investment. We make sure that every tenant is satisfied with their living space, helping reach long-term occupancy.

For more information on how our property managers can help you today, visit our website or contact us at (336) 625-6076 for more information!