If you’re a small business looking for a warehouse for rent, there are several things to consider before you can move in, or even before signing the lease! Make sure you consider all the possibilities and choose a warehouse for rent that will be the perfect space for you and your business.


What do you plan to use a warehouse for? Small businesses looking for a warehouse for rent are mostly looking for storage space, but every business has different needs. If your small business will need space for assembly or production, make sure to look for a space that can accommodate that. Will your business need loading docks or specific access to temperature control? Determine what you’ll need out of the warehouse space itself and make a checklist for when you start visiting warehouses.

LocationSmall warehouse with trucks at loading docks.

When looking for a warehouse for rent, finding a suitable geographic location is crucial, since you won’t be in that warehouse space forever. While you are looking for a warehouse for rent, think about how the location will affect your business and industry. If you plan to do any shipping or packaging in your warehouse space, consider how close the space is to the highway and other traffic situations, such as how difficult it will be to leave the warehouse if it’s on a busy street. These things might not be at the forefront of your mind when you tour warehouses for rent, but they can become major inconveniences once you’re all moved in.

Restrictions and Regulations

Depending on exactly what your small business is, there may be specific regulations or codes you need to be compliant with. If you are sharing the warehouse space with other businesses or industries, you’ll have to check the zoning regulations for that warehouse space. Stacked boxes inside a warehouseRegulations need to be followed as well If your inventory or machinery includes flammable materials, to ensure you store and regulate those materials appropriately. If you happen to be storing any food products, you will need to contact the health department to be safe that you are storing things properly.


Consider other details such as the number of employees that will be working or visiting your warehouse space. Will you have customers or clients coming to your warehouse as well? If so, determine the parking situation. Is there a lot available for workers and visitors? This may not be as important if you only plan to use your warehouse for storage, but if you plan on frequent activity in your warehouse space you may need to consider parking or possible seating within your warehouse.

Warehouse Leases

If you’ve found a warehouse for rent that meets all of your requirements, the next big piece of the process to tackle is the type of lease. There are many different types of leases a landlord can offer for a warehouse for rent. The two main categories for warehouse leases are gross leases and net leases. Ask your landlord or leasing agent which lease you’ll be signing for the warehouse space you are interested in and the details included. Some leases require you only to pay the base rent, and others might require you to pay the utilities and other expenses as well.

Schwarz Properties and Warehouse Rentals

Schwarz Properties can help you find the perfect warehouse space for rent to suit all of your needs. We can help you understand your lease and its details so you know exactly what you’re signing up for. Schwarz Properties has commercial and residential properties in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Visit our website or call (336) 625-6076 today!