Small business owners and entrepreneurs may find it challenging to select office space. Even so, having a professional environment for your business is worth it.

A workspace reflects your business. You put your professionalism on display when clients and customers see your office and judge you.

Furthermore, an office is your workspace. You will be able to grow your business unhindered if it is organized and conducive to your employees.

Is it better to rent a space or buy one?

For small businesses looking to expand or set up an office, renting in an office park can be the best option because getting a proper space can be time-consuming and costly.

Rented office space comes with many advantages, some of which we will discuss below.

LocationAerial view of an suburban office park with parking lot and adjacent expressway.

The current market for real estate is expensive. Buying an office space in the best location can be quite difficult right now because of the intense competition. Businesses must consider geography to be accessible to their customers and clients, as well as how employees can commute to work.

There is no doubt that renting office space in an office park is a more affordable and more plentiful way to set up a business in an area that would otherwise be unaffordable. Clients and customers can be attracted to your business with access to prime downtown business locations and key downtown amenities.

Free Up Working Capital

You can spend your time and money on doing business because your money is not tied up in real estate costs. Renting a place provides you with some of the essentials you need, so you do not have to purchase them.


You face more obstacles to successful business operations even if you do manage to acquire your own office space. As for setting up the office, buying equipment, running the phone lines and installing the internet, not to mention bringing in furniture, they all need to be done. Even keeping an office running can be tiring and time-consuming.

Office spaces in an office park that are “out-of-the-box” ready are available. All of them are furnished, have an Internet connection, and can even include a coffee machine, depending on the provider. You can also dedicate yourself to growing your business since the rental company has its office manager. Also, any upfront costs that would have been used to purchase the property will now be reinvested back into your business.


Office sizes in an office park can vary, depending on need. The additional employees hired to handle demand should be accommodated if your business is more successful than expected. You are more restricted in what you can do with an office property in terms of scale and size. It is manageable, but not ideal, to have some employees work from home if there are too many to fit under one roof. But if you have too few, the extra space wastes the money.

Renewals of rental leases for smaller and larger properties are flexible and based on need and duration. The size of an office may change from a small space one year to a large space the next.

Networking OpportunitiesOutside of an office building

It may take some time to get acquainted with a new place after relocating your business to an untapped market, but this will increase your client base. It is possible to develop a deeper understanding of the area and people through networking. The local community provides a variety of networking opportunities such as knowledge exchange sessions, seminars on industry-related topics, cocktail parties, and outdoor recreational activities.

Take Advantage of Technological and Customizable Solutions

All the technology you need to work and hold meetings is available to you, from advanced audio and video conferencing solutions to IT support. Ask! You can design custom offices to meet the specific needs and preferences of your business. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of personalized support to help you get set up and familiar with your office. The company registration procedure can be handled by the company, as well as the accounting procedure.

Finding an Office Park

If you’re a start-up business owner or a new entrepreneur, you can find affordable and convenient office spaces with office park. Schwarz can help you find any property that you might need! Visit our website or call (336) 625-6076 today!