The demand for mobile homes for rent is growing quickly. They are accessible and are usually far less expensive than real estate. Additionally, they also provide more privacy and are often customized with decks, gardens, and lawns.

Where to Look

A mobile home for rent isn’t so different from renting an apartment or house. Most mobile homes are found in mobile home communities, commonly called parks, but private property owners also rent them out. Be sure to check in your area, but landlord/tenant laws are usually the same for mobile homes and stationary homes. 

Get To Know Your Mobile Home for Rent CommunityMobile home for rent in a neighborhood of other mobile homes

Do some research on the zip code where your mobile home is located. Make sure you can rely on the maintenance, administrative and security personnel at the mobile home park. Ask questions: Is the mobile home park well-kept? Are the walkways and roads in the mobile home park well-maintained? Many mobile home parks have playgrounds, BBQ areas, and common areas. How do they look? If they are run-down, that is a tell-tale sign that issues like sewage, security, and landscaping might be neglected. Check the history of the area where the mobile home is located for past floods or fires. How likely is a natural disaster to occur there? What are the escape routes, and how far away are emergency services?

Mobile Home for Rent Security

Some mobile home parks have 24-hour security, while others rely on municipal police. Don’t be shy about asking residents of the park about the park’s history of robberies and other crimes. Local crime statistics are available on many government and private sites. Most importantly, do you feel safe?

The Mobile Home – What to Look For

When renting a mobile home there are a few key things to keep an eye out for. Not checking the following things could lead to major issues in the future. Be sure to address them with the property manager prior to moving in.

Foundation Mobile home community at dusk

Make sure the mobile home is securely mounted and that any straps, locks, and levelers are solid and stable. Mobile homes settle in and often shift over time, especially when large families bring a lot of traffic through the home.


Is there any mold or mildew damage in showers, under the sink, or in the bathroom? Pay attention to the smell of the apartment. Even if there is no visible mold present, a musty or damp odor can be a big sign of an underlying mold problem.


  • Heating and cooling (HVAC) systems in mobile homes need to be well-maintained. Make sure they are in good working order before signing the lease.
  • Are the washer/dryer and dishwasher in good working order? Are the drains and vents well-maintained?

General Maintenance

Be on the lookout for unprofessional wiring and repair work around the mobile home. Are additions like decks, canopies, screens, and stairs in good repair? While there are many talented DIY carpenters, many people should leave such work to professionals.

Plumbing problems and roof leaks are often problematic in mobile homes, especially if the home has recently been vacated or the foundation has been worked on. Polybutylene pipes are commonly used, causing a blocking, bursting, and flooding hazard.

Things to Keep in Mind

Some mobile home communities have strict rules about subletting terms. Just like in a condominium or apartment complex, a mobile home community has its own rules and fees. As a resident, you could be subject to fines for parking violations, unruly guests, or misuse of common areas. Ensure your lease is clear about the rent increase, maintenance fees, and services like landscaping, basic repairs, and plumbing.

Schwarz Properties

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