Asheboro, North Carolina is a city on the rise. Located about an hour and a half from Charlotte, Asheboro features a downtown area full of history, lots to see and do, and a steadily increasing population. The city attracts plenty of tourists, some of whom even end up moving there, meaning the population is increasing by about 0.31% per year. The estimated population in July 2019 was 25,844 according to the US Census Bureau. 31% of the workforce in Asheboro is employed in the manufacturing industry. The strong manufacturing background of the city is only one of many reasons to find a warehouse space for lease in Asheboro.

Staffing Your Warehouse

warehouse staff

In Asheboro, it’s likely to be easy to find people to staff your warehouse with. As stated previously, 31% of the workforce is employed in manufacturing. This background means that at any time, thousands of hardworking people are looking for a place to work. Your warehouse could be the perfect opportunity for them and for you! If and when you decide to hire local residents to help run your warehouse, be sure to post on various job sites, such as Indeed and Monster. This will help spread the word to more people throughout the town. It might also be helpful to post a “Now Hiring” sign prominently on your warehouse.

Plenty of Space to Choose From

Partially due to the strong manufacturing background of Asheboro, there are plenty of spacious warehouses available for rent in the area. Some of these spaces measure up to 24,000 feet! No matter how much or how little space you need for your business, you shouldn’t have a problem finding it in Asheboro. Even if you end up with a smaller space than you’d hoped for, there are plenty of ways to make a smaller warehouse space work for you and your business.

More Space for Your Money

Anybody who’s ever rented a space for their business knows that location is vitally important to the success of that business. For some industries, such as the food service industry, location is important because you need exposure in order to let people know you’re there (for example, finding a space facing a main road so that people see your restaurant while passing by), and the business needs to be easy to find and get to. For warehouses and other storage space, location is important not necessarily for exposure, but for staying within your budget. Warehouse space, like any other space for rent, will vary in price based on your location. Asheboro, since it is a relatively small city, boasts reasonable prices on warehouses and other commercial space for rent. This will allow you to stay within your budget and get a bigger warehouse for your money.

A Great Place to Live

If you expand your business to the Asheboro area, you might consider moving there in order to keep a close eye on the new location of your business. Moving can be a challenging idea, especially if you have a family. You’ll want to make sure you’re moving to a safe area with good schools and plenty to do. Asheboro is a great place for a growing family. According to Public School Review, there are approximately 4,700 students in the Asheboro City school district, so your kids will have plenty of opportunities to make friends. The school district also boasts a graduation rate of 92%, which is above the North Carolina state average of 88%.

Ready to Bring Your Business to Asheboro?

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