Why Everyone is Bringing Industry to Asheboro, NC

The natural attractions, historical downtown, and cultural venues have always brought major tourism to the city of Asheboro, NC. Tourists are even finding residence within the city due to the mix of affordable homes in close proximity to golf courses, lakes, National Forests, and auto racing events. Asheboro also provides residents vast employment options with a strong emphasis on manufacturing. This emphasis places higher value on warehouse space and makes industrial rental property in great demand.

Thriving Economy

Being a great place to live doesn’t mean anything unless there are great places to work or places to take your business. Asheboro’s thriving economy is helping attract and retain big business and talent. Especially within the manufacturing base specifically on furniture construction and medical equipment development.

According to Data USA, Asheboro has a population of 25,978 people with an annual growth of 0.31% with an increasing household income of $34,100. The 10,758 employees continues to grow every year by 5.39% with a median age of 38.2. The increasing employment population and the median age makes an ideal location for manufacturing business.

Strong Workforce

Employment opportunities pay a large part in why people move, but unemployment rates give an overall view on the economy’s health. In Asheboro, there is an 4.5% unemployment which indicates a region that can attract and retain new industries, retailers, and workers. Its employed population is distributed amongst the following occupations.


Manufacturing 31.20%
Education, Healthcare, Social Assistance 19.70%
Arts, Entertainment, Food Service 10.30%
Retail Trade 9.10%
Construction 5.80%
Professional, Administrative, and Waste 5.30%
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate 5.20%
Public Administration 3.70%
Transportation and Warehousing 3.60%
Other Services 3.30%
Wholesale Trade 1.90%
Information 0.70%
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting and Mining 0.10%


It is pretty obvious to say that manufacturing is the backbone of Asheboro. It’s most common job and specialization held by residents by the total number of employees is by far Production with over 2,400 employees in the field. With such a strong industrial presence, there would be plentiful of skilled workers that would make starting your industry in this region worthwhile. There are also several industrial properties for rent in Asheboro that reach up to 24,000 square feet.


If you would like to rent warehouse space and start your business within the area, be sure the location is zoned for manufacturing by contacting the Planning and Zoning Department in Asheboro. You also want to consider the history of the property including what was there before, any zoning requirements, and what was last permitted for construction and renovations. Be sure to discuss the building and fire code requirements as well, as these can greatly impact business operations.

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