Finding your new dream apartment can be an extremely hard process when you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. One of the most beneficial aspects to looking for a new Asheboro, NC apartment is having the ability to rent. The idea of being “tied down” to a specific area is scary to most people and limits the idea of long term commitment. Renting allows you to pursue any opportunity that comes your way, without having to worry about being committed to a city. With less responsibility than being a homeowner, you have more freedom to take time away from your apartment to focus on yourself while having a landlord to take care of the typical responsibilities of a homeowner.

Benefits of Living in Asheboro NC

North Carolina is noted as one of the most popular states to live in the United States. When picking your perfect town, Asheboro should be one of the top cities on your list of locations. When trying to weigh your options and the benefits of living in Asheboro NC apartments, there are a few key factors to keep in mind.


Located in the heart of North Carolina about 25 miles away from Greensboro, is Asheboro. With a long history in manufacturing and plenty of space for rental properties, Asheboro can easily become your new home. Having the opportunity to be nestled near a major city allows for the opportunity to have access to the fun of the city and a small-town-feel, all at the same time.


Thinking about safety plays a huge role in your decision to move to a new location. Reviews from residents in Asheboro assure new potential residents of the secure town that is provided for them. With hardly any mention of gang related issues, Asheboro is ideal for residential and commercial living. Security goes far beyond crime however, and it is important to look at other aspects of safety. Where is the apartment located? Near a busy highway or street? How old is the building you are planning to live in? With many different options in Asheboro, you will be sure to find an ideal place for you and your living needs.

Domestic Tourism Sites

Being so close to Greensboro allows for you to make lifelong memories in North Carolina. When having friends or family visit, you have access to the North Carolina Zoo located right here in Asheboro, along with an abundance of museums, mountains, and breweries in and around Asheboro to accommodate your favorite pastimes!

Average Rental Cost

Understanding that the average rental cost of Asheboro NC apartments is beneficial to your renting journey!

Price can make or break your renting process. It is one of the first considerations when starting your apartment search. You should never compromise comfort for price, but luckily in Asheboro you don’t have to! The average monthly rent in Asheboro NC is around $688! Compared to most cities, this is an amazing deal based on the location of Asheboro. The average price for a one bedroom apartment in Asheboro is only $658. Although some spaces range higher than others, ranging anywhere from $675 to $1,300, you are ensured to find a space that is perfect for you!

Are You Looking for An Asheboro NC Apartment?

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