The Popular Affordable Home: Mobile

It is estimated that 20 millions Americans are finding comfort in mobile homes. Against any popular belief, 57% are fully employed and another 23% are retired and enjoying their remaining years. Obviously, mobile homes are not what they use to be. They are considered an ideal option for an affordable home and it’s not hard to see why their popularity is rising.


“This Home is Just Right”

Said Goldilocks, as she stepped into a beautiful mobile home in Ramseur, NC. Goldilocks has the same notion as many Americans do these days. Whether you are looking to downsize or fill a home with a custom interior design, the more condensed feel of a more affordable mobile home is essential. Mobile homes are designed to fit all necessities in a smaller space and provides you with the perfect opportunity to practice being a minimalist.


Save on $$

One of the main reasons there has been an increase on purchasing or renting mobile homes is the affordability aspect. Purchasing a mobile home will be between $30,000 – $70,000, depending on location and renovations, whilst tiny homes cost an average of $20,000-$40,000. Roughly rent comes in at about $200- $500 a month based on the average of the US. For young professionals, young couples, those who lives in minimalist form, or those who like to travel, renting a mobile home is ideal. Even retirees who are looking to downsize and match their retirement fund find comfort and solstice in mobile home living.


Fear of Commitment

It is no secret that millennials are seeking opportunities with less commitment. With more flexibility and less responsibility, renting is a more comfortable option. When you commit to purchasing a home, you have to take responsibility for its upkeep and taxes. Many “commitment-phobes” are loving the idea of renting a small space that requires little to no upkeep with an option to move after a leasing-period.

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No Shared Walls

Not big on the idea of hearing what your neighbors are doing or talking about? Or maybe you like to listen to music a couple of notches too high? Mobile homes are the best of both worlds. A small, comfortable space without shared walls, with a yard. If you have a pet, walking them down a flight of stairs every time they need to go outside can gets bothersome. One step out the front door of your mobile home and you have a whole yard for your pet to make their own. Many of Schwarz Properties’ mobile homes for rent are pet friendly.


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