Industrial rental properties provide a creative and practical option for businesses looking to differentiate from commercial property rentals. Rather than constructing an expensive industrial property from the ground up, businesses cut costs and save time by renting an industrial property rather than a commercial one. They typically follow the same net lease terms as commercial real estate spaces, making the transition from one form of rental space far less complex.

To help you figure out how switching to industrial properties could benefit even a small business, we’ve put together our top 5 potential uses for industrial rental properties:

WarehousesInterior of empty warehouse with bright lighting industrial rental properties for rent

Warehouses are excellent for large industrial properties and are the most common industrial real estate rentals. These spaces are useful for businesses whose primary services involve shipping and transporting large quantities of materials and goods.

Warehouses are often located in industrial parks, areas of a city designated explicitly for industrial rental properties rather than commercial leases or residential and commercial real estate property.

Office Buildings

Renting office space in a business park can be extremely costly. If you’re a business owner on a budget, renting a commercial real estate space can be tricky – opt for an industrial property instead!

There are endless opportunities for customization about using an industrial property as an office space; you are not limited to pre-set ideas of what this space should be. This method of free design could significantly enhance a more modern office environment; for example, you could design an open-concept layout for your office rather than the traditional cubicle setting. The options for creativity are endless!

Educational Spaces

Are you looking for a creative solution to an expensive budget issue? Many businesses are using industrial real estate properties as educational spaces, repurposing these large buildings into schools, museums, galleries, and so much more.

The potential for creativity is endless. Because industrial buildings are often cheaper than commercial real estate spaces, they fit very nicely in the budget of a low-cost educational or art space.

ShowroomsShowroom of modern furniture with tables and chairs industrial rental properties

A commercial lease for showroom purposes can be limiting, as these spaces often don’t allow for the flexibility that an industrial property allows.

Showrooms are typically made up of offices and warehousing; the bigger and more open the space, the better! More than half of showroom space is usually dedicated to selling and marketing products, making an industrial property the perfect location for a showroom like a car dealership.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing goods requires lots of space to store large machinery and physical materials, making an industrial real estate property the perfect location for a manufacturing facility. Industrial properties often have thousands of square footage to use, which is ideal when planning the layout of your facility.

Manufacturing facilities regularly require large shipping and loading areas for transport trucks, and industrial properties often contain transport bays ideal for storing these vehicles.

Finding Perfect Industrial Rental Properties

The industrial rental property real estate industry is booming, with many companies popping up to market commercial property for sale or rent. There’s even apps listing commercial property for rent! With all these options, knowing where to begin is challenging.

Many businesses search for a cheap industrial space for rent, and you don’t want to be left high and dry asking, “where is a small industrial space for rent near me?” The sooner your business is involved in the industrial property industry, the better.

Schwarz Industrial Rental Properties

If you’re looking for an industrial property for rent, we at Schwarz Properties specialize in industrial property rental and would be happy to assist you in this new business venture. Reach out today to learn more and see how we can get you into the perfect space for your business today!