Commercial and industrial properties are both types of real estate, but they play different roles in the market. Understanding the difference between the two is important for investors and business owners.

There is a big difference between commercial and industrial properties and understanding the key differences will help you make the right decision for your investment. Both types of property offer their own unique benefits, but it can be hard to decide and determine which is right for your needs. Let’s get into commercial vs industrial properties!

The Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Properties

If you are in the market for a new property, you may be wondering what the difference is between commercial and industrial properties. When it comes to buying or renting property, there are a few different types you might come across, and understanding the difference is the key to knowing which one is right for you.

Commercial Property

Commercial property is real estate that is primarily used for business and economic purposes. It is most commonly used to refer to buildings that contain businesses, but it can also apply to land that is utilized to create revenue or large residential rental homes. Commercial properties are those that are associated with businesses that are primarily focused on profit. They typically have fewer maintenance issues because the businesses that occupy them are not as heavy-duty involved in production.

Industrial PropertyWarehouse worker pulling boxes between aisles on dolly

Industrial property is real estate that is used for business purposes, but it is typically more heavy-duty. Types of business that typically operate in industrial property are those that require a large amount of land to store things, build on, and the equipment necessary for the type of manufacturing or processing they do to produce their product. The heavy-duty nature of an industrial property means that it would require a greater amount of maintenance to keep it functioning properly.

Uses of Commercial and Industrial Properties

Commercial and industrial property can be used for a variety of purposes, and both have their own unique uses and benefits. Both properties serve as locations and are suitable for different types of businesses.

Commercial property is used in a manner that provides a service to the community and does not produce or provide its own needs in terms of commodities or goods. Generally, it is often referred to and classified by local authorities. This property type has establishments such as a bar, restaurant, private office, shopping mall, fitness club, retail store, bank or other financial institution, supermarket, or any other establishment with a shared commercial space.Shot of warehouse aisles

Industrial property, on the other hand, is one of the most common types of properties on the market, which business owners and corporations also use. It is often referred to as a building that is mainly used for the manufacturing of goods. The property is generally large-sized or mid-sized with heavy equipment and skilled labor that produces commodities or raw materials to be sold in bulk. This type of property includes farms, factories, manufacturers, warehouses, mills, mines and oil wells, distribution centers, and other large companies.

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