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How to Prepare Your Warehouse for Leasing

Manager inspecting warehouse

In the real estate market, renting out a property for use as a warehouse is a significant investment option for commercial property owners. The trend of warehousing is rapidly expanding the real estate market, mainly due to the growth of the e-commerce industry over the last decade. Thanks to their extensive warehouse for lease networks,…

What is Flexible Rent?

Family entering rental home with for rent sign out front

Flexible rent is becoming more and more popular among renters nowadays. This type of agreement allows tenants to pay flexible amounts according to their personal income, rather than a fixed amount every month. This option also offers the ability for tenants to pay upfront for an agreed number of months or even settle their rent…

Top 5 Potential Uses for Industrial Rental Properties

Empty new office, conference room industrial rental properties for rent

Industrial rental properties provide a creative and practical option for businesses looking to differentiate from commercial property rentals. Rather than constructing an expensive industrial property from the ground up, businesses cut costs and save time by renting an industrial property rather than a commercial one. They typically follow the same net lease terms as commercial…